Cleaning Pet Urine Stains

sad puppy on carpet

The odds of your puppy having an “accident” on your carpet before he or she is house trained are very high. You can do your best to crate train and leave your dog on tile and hardwood surfaces but more often than not a pet urine carpet stain will occur during the initial stages of owning a puppy.

Pet urine rug stains are common too for older dogs that are no longer able to control their bladder as well. These stains are also common if your dog is fearful of strangers or severe weather and thunderstorms outside.


You might not think a pet urine carpet stain is a big deal and that you can clean it the same as a food stain or dirt stain on carpet but that is not the case. Pet urine stains on carpet are very difficult to remove and very harmful to carpet and potentially your home.

The reason pet urine stains pose such a problem for homeowners is due to the ammonia smell the stains emit. The smell is a sign to your dog that he or she can continue to urinate in the same spot of the carpet or rug. If the dog continues to pee in the same area over and over it will saturate the carpet or rug fibers.

This results in the urine permeating the surface of the carpet and adhering to the fibers and pad beneath. The urine then converts to a crystal-like state and hardens. The hardened urine emits an even stronger smell.

The smell is extremely unpleasant to the nose and, as mentioned above, encourages future accidents in the same area. The urine itself is corrosive and as it builds up it will begin to deteriorate the carpet fibers and the carpet pad. If the urine stain goes ignored for too long it has the potential to seep into the subfloor and even the surrounding walls and continue the corrosion.

You can see that pet urine carpet stains are no ordinary stains. You should act immediately when it comes to any stain on your carpet but even more so for pet urine stains on rugs and carpet. This type of stain should be left for a professional carpet cleaning service near your home.

You will want to hire a company that practices carpet cleaning safe for pets. If possible, the service will be chemical free. Our research leads us to believe that Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises offer the best and safest results when it comes to removing harmful pet urine odors and stains from carpet.

We strongly urge all pet owners to housetrain their puppy as soon as possible for the comfort of the pet and the well-being of your home and carpet. When accidents do occur, do not ignore them. Act fast and call Chem-Dry or a carpet cleaner near you to come to your home and address the stain right away before it crystalizes or corrodes the carpet and pad beneath.

Don’t Let Your Dog Chase Your Cat

dog and cat

There is no reason a dog and a cat cannot live together in your home. However, a common problem in this scenario is that a dog will chase a cat upon seeing the cat in the home. This scares the cat and creates an unhealthy environment for the cat. You won’t to stop this behavior as soon as possible.

We can provide some tips on how to stop your dog from chasing your cat in order to create harmony in your home between the two animals.


The fact of the matter is your dog will want to chase your cat the first few times the dog is aware of the cat. And the more the dog chases the cat, the more the dog will want to continue to do it. This means you need to be immediate and vigilant in stopping this behavior before it grows out of control.


During the first few times the dog interacts and chases the cat, you should separate them and take the dog to a different location in the home, perhaps to the dog’s sleeping space or crate. During this time, you can also provide a treat or two to the dog to see that you want the dog to separate from the cat and will reward the dog when this happens.


During the training period, offer positive reinforcement in the form of treats each time the dog is made aware of the cat but does not chase the cat or looks away from the cat. This reinforcement will encourage the dog to decide not to chase the cat. We recommend healthy treats from


You should also be sure to have safe space for the cat either in higher areas in your home that the dog cannot reach or in gated rooms or areas your dog is not allowed to enter. The cat needs times throughout the day where the cat will know it is 100% safe in your home.


You should always exercise your dog whether you own a cat or not but if the dog continues to chase your cat it could be a sign of pent up energy or even just boredom. Many breeds of dogs need several hours of running or playing every day and if the dog doesn’t receive that attention from the owner the dog will find other outlets for it, including chasing your cat and other animals that enter the dog’s path.

This training should only require 1-2 months to complete before your dog and cat should be able to be in a room together peacefully. However, even at that point, we never recommend leaving the two animals in a room or area unattended for too long as it is impossible to guarantee good behavior and ensure the safety of both animals.

We hope this blog helps you to train your dog in order to stop your dog from chasing your cat so your home can enjoy all the happiness of owning both a cat and a dog for pets.

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